Epic Dragon Cameras feature an incredibly powerful computer, imaging sensor and an interchangeable lens mount wrapped within a surprisingly small package
Here’s some more info:

  • Records RAW files with variable compression to solid state media (SSD cards).
  • 6k resolution, croppable to 1k with widescreen, HD and anamorphic modes.
  • 16.5 stops of native dynamic range + 6 additional stops of expanded dynamic range (HDR).
  • High frame rates(!) from 100fps in full 6k to 300fps in 2k.
  • Field changeable lens mounts (S35 PL, Nikon, Canon, etc.) requiring < 2 minutes to change.
  • Modularity means the camera can be configured into a package the size of a Canon 5d.
  • Intuitive menu control through convenient touch screen interface.
  • Customisation: the Epic allows ACs to map each button and modify each monitoring path.
  • Proven and easy workflows with the industry standard editing and finishing software.
  • An extremely powerful RAW grading suite similar to Adobe’s Lightroom–free of charge!
  • 8 seconds from turning the camera on to recording images.