RAW has extremely clever DIT’s. They’ve taught workshops across Western Canada, gained RED’s stamp of approval to train the next generation and worked closely with IATSE 669 to strengthen the connection between Camera and Post Production. This means RAW brings a wealth of resource to your set.


6k RED, open-gate ARRIRAW, 4:4:4 Sony UHD, Phantom Hi-Speed: we’ve securely downloaded all of it. Moreover, our workflow experts have given great thought to choose the most economical and efficient way to store all that data on set and in post.


Using LIVEGRADE, DAVINCI, SCRATCH and REDCINE, our DIT’s can process whatever flavour of RAW, ProRes LogC, XAVC — virtually any acquisition format — into a properly graded and easily edited codec of your choice that faithfully establishes a cinematographer’s vision.


We compress circle takes — with scene/take and custom burn-ins — for upload on PIX, Encodi or whatever 3rd party viewer you desire. On most projects a single RAW DIT with one of our DIT carts can do all of the above, by themselves – on the day.


Perhaps you just need some extra computing horsepower – our download stations are available for rent. They range in size from hi-end laptops with thunderbolt and/or USB3 storage options – which work great on extremely mobile or ‘off grid’ shows – to new rack-mounted MacPro towers feeding 16 drive RAIDed storage packs, housed in custom carts specifically designed for Vancouver’s work environment.
We also rent our sleek yet powerful fully outfitted DIT carts with grading surfaces, a choice of different monitors from Sony and FSI plus a large assortment of I/O devices from Blackmagic.

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