We’re happy to be one of the first to receive Ikan’s new D7w 7″ onboard monitors. What’s the big deal you ask?

Obtaining a sharp image at 5k requires great monitoring. Off the camera, the optimum monitoring tool is a big 1080p monitor (like our lightweight FSI 21″ monitor)–provided you’re using a FIZ. On camera, the SmallHD DP6’s fantastic, full 720p resolution, vivid picture, ruggedness and effective focus assist has pretty much become the standard for onboard monitoring for Epic shoots around the world.

But we wanted something more onboard–basically a DP6 with a larger screen–to make our AC’s quest for sharps an easier task. And we’ve finally gotten what we want: a LARGER picture with FULL 720p resolution, COMPACT size, GREAT focus assist in a DURABLE package.

We’re happy to provide some of the first Ikan D7w monitors to come out of the oven. These new monitors are built more durably than previous Ikan products (no doubt in response to SmallHD’s awesome build quality). Their picture quality is much, much better than past Ikan onboards too. Plus, the IPS panel means great viewing angles! Pretty much an all-around win for AC’s here. Check out these great new monitors with your next shoot; in the meantime check out the specs from Ikan’s website here.

Keep watching this space because monitoring onset is going to improve drastically this year–and we’re gonna keep delivering the goods!