It was the best of times/It was the worst of times. We received an unexpected call a little while ago; our 85-300 was ready to ship–apparently the second one to hit North America… But when we received it we were too busy with other matters to test it out.


Initial impressions:
1. Its very similar ergonomically and otherwise to its fantastic sister lens, the 19-90.
2. The focus barrel has the most buttery beautiful feel in the business.
3. Its sharp!
4. It breathes more than the 19-90
5. 300 in a handheld lens is REALLY NICE.

Its readily apparent that this is an excellent lens. We’ve got a nice assortment of zooms now and have decided to do a more extensive comparison test in the coming weeks of the following zooms sets: Cabrios vs Aluras vs Optimos. We’ll include some Ultra Prime comparisons (at T2.8) to see how things cut/compare. Glass has come a long way in the last few years!