RAW loves being a part of and also building the filmmaking family. We are proud supporters of camera local 669, sponsors of Vancouver’s Crazy 8s Film Festival and investors in up and coming filmmakers. We are especially glad to have partnered on a number of great cross-cultural projects with Chinese and Indian film productions. And we’ve established some especially close ties with people that have become our extended family.


RAW has an extremely close creative relationship with Zero Optik, an outstanding Los Angeles-based design and engineering firm that’s currently making some of the most innovative and highest quality rehoused lenses in our industry.

Closer to home, our good friends at Peacemaker Filmworks have taken the art of stabilized camera work to a completely new level. Their drone work is unsurpassed. Their precision ultimate arm and stunt driving deliver reliably every time. Their all terrain capabilities allow story tellers to take full advantage of the extreme topography Vancouver is famous for. Their helicopter shots are truly epic. RAW is proud to regularly collaborate with the Peacemaker team.

Jon Fauer keeps all of our extended family in the know; RAW is glad to sponsor his excellent publication: FD Times.


We are a diverse bunch of co-committed, passionate filmmakers.

Pieter Blokker – dit, special projects
Sid Chuahan – camera rentals, dit
Kelly Engstrom – finance
Paul Engstrom – founder
Kelly Fennig – colourist, dit, phantom
Sun Gill – post production, dit
Craig Harris – colourist, east coast representative
Martin Lorimer – camera rentals
Erin Maguire – camera rentals
Refah Mahmoud – 360, phantom, dit
Victor Muniak – head of optical engineering
Pieter Stathis – founder
Patrick Tittmar – head of post production, dit, phantom
Marc Webb – lens technician, camera rentals

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